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Revitalife Medical Center deeply thanks and appreciates every patient for helping Revitalife to become such a successful, innovative, and cutting-edge healing facility for 26 years. Revitalife’s main purpose is to provide natural and preventive care information, tools, and motivation for patients to heal themselves. You yourself are your best healer. Having and achieving optimal health is very attainable once the patient becomes health conscious and is able to discipline the body. 

As of March 1, 2024, Revitalife Medical will transition to a concierge (membership) medicine model of care. Concierge is like a gym membership where one pays a monthly plan to have access to all the gym equipments and services in the gym facility. With a medical concierge membership, patients pay a monthly amount to have access to all the services and medical therapies at Revitalife Medical Center.
In order to be a patient at Revitalife Medical Center, all existing patients at Revitalife Medical need to be enrolled in either the Basic Concierge Plan or the VIP Concierge Plan. Patients will not be able to access any of Revitalife Medical therapies, medications, or supplements unless patients are actively enrolled in a Concierge Plan. Each Concierge Plan will have certain levels of services, privileges, and perks.

Basic Plan is $60 per month. VIP Plan is $125 per month. Patients can upgrade or downgrade to a different Plan any time. Patients can also cancel any Plan at any time. Once a Plan is cancelled, and the patient wishes to restart the Plan again, the patient will need to pay a $595 initial office visit to be an active member at Revitalife Medical Center again.

For brand new patients, patients will be required to enroll in a Plan after 1ST initial consultation physician visit ($595) and 2 monthly follow-up MD visits ($375 each visit).

The concierge medicine model will greatly benefit both the patient and Revitalife. Patients don’t have to be informed of seeing the physician every 6 months to get refills, which will be done automatically. Patients will have greater access to the physician answering medical issues any time during office hours and not have to be concerned about paying $375 for an office visit. Revitalife will have more time and energy to help patients optimize their health, instead of focusing on patients’ payments, refills, and follow-up appointments.

Thank you for all of your support, understanding, and cooperation. Love and gratitude!